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Trainings & Awareness Programs

Professor Lecturing on Stage

In awareness activities, the learner is the recipient of information, whereas the learner in a training environment has a more active role. Awareness relies on reaching broad audiences with attractive packaging techniques. Training is more formal, having a goal of building knowledge and skills to facilitate the job performance.

An example of a topic for an awareness session (or awareness material to be distributed) is virus protection. The subject can simply and briefly be addressed by describing what a virus is, what can happen if a virus infects a user’s system, what the user should do to protect the system, and what the user should do if a virus is discovered.

“Training strives to produce relevant and needed security skills and competencies”


The ‘Training’ level of the learning continuum strives to produce relevant and needed security skills and competencies by practitioners of functional specialties other than IT security (e.g., management, systems design and development, acquisition, auditing).

  • The most significant difference between training and awareness is that training seeks to teach skills, which allow a person to perform a specific function, while awareness seeks to focus an individual’s attention on an issue or set of issues.

  • The skills acquired during training are built upon the awareness foundation, in particular, upon the security basics and literacy material.

  • A training curriculum must not necessarily lead to a formal degree from an institution of higher learning; however, a training course may contain much of the same material found in a course that a college or university includes in a certificate or degree program

We specialize in three different yet successful training solutions namely:

We reckon our specialization with this kind of training. On-site training is provided in all the major sectors, where our team of trainers and specialized instructors come down to your college, school, corporate or government office and impart technical know-how and skill sets.


Workshop: Workshops in colleges gave us the recognition and glory, which we take pride in today, especially our IS – Information Security Workshop.

SECURITY ESSENTIAL SERIES: Short Duration Training – SDT (Workshop) is given at in the Government and Corporate Organizations covering a variety of topics and also as per requirements.


Conducted SDT workshops for various non - profit organizations, defense based & semi - private / private educational institutions situated at Pune, Mumbai & Satara.

CORPORATE TRAINING: A flexible, tailor-made program to suit the organization needs including affordable professional training to the staff.

Conducted sessions on Information Security and Cyber Laws for various corporate organizations situated at Pune, Sangli, Raigad, Mumbai & Satara.

POLICE TRAINING: An amalgamation of a structured approach to teaching where, Police officials are trained and enlightened with in depth happenings and knowledge on Cyber Crime & Cyber Laws along with the means of handling them.

Conducted awareness programs for Police Authorities regarding Cyber Crime Investigation at SP office, Satara, Pune City Police and SP office, Nandurbar.

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