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Techno - Legal Services

​​CYBERMATE FORENSICS & DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. has a strong legal team that backs up the forensic team by providing consultancy on various information technology based statutes like, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2008.

The Company offers legal advisory that covers every aspect of Information Technology law including cyber-crime, intellectual property infringements and e-commerce. Drafting contracts, domain name dispute resolutions, cyber-squatting, compliance issues, online dispute resolution, legal research and opinion work are among the Company’s forte.

Computer Forensics is a technological, systematic inspection of a computer system and its contents for evidential data or supportive evidence of incident or other computer use that is being inspected. Computer forensics requires specialized expertise that goes beyond normal data collection and preservation techniques available to end-users or system support personnel.

“Electronic Evidentiary Recovery”, known also as e-discovery, requires the proper tools and knowledge to meet the Court’s criteria, whereas Computer Forensics is simply the application of computer investigation & analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.

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